1982 - A Year In Rap

I have to confess that, despite best intentions to keep the blog part of this site up to date with events we’ve been promoting, it’s been a struggle to find the time. But, with an exhibition on the horizon (more details coming soon) and projects for next year looming I’m going to do my best to pu that right. So, I’m picking things up where I left off some months back and moving on to the events of 1982. Produced with some assistance from Mr Wiggles of the Rock Steady Crew’s ‘Hip Hop Timeline’, here is a round up of some of the significant hip hop related events of 1982:- US Television network ABC’s ‘20/20’ show produces an episode that investigates the new cultural phenomenon becoming known as ‘hip hop’ featuring Afrika Bambaataa (pictured above)

- Charlie Ahearn’s seminal movie ‘Wild Style’ is filmed and is heralded as a true and accurate representation of hip hop culture featuring key figures from the scene including Rock Steady Crew, Electric Force, Loose Bruce, Paulie Gee, Double Trouble, Cold Crush 4, Fantastic 5, Buzy Bee Starski, Lee, Pink, Daze, Crash and Zephyr.

- New York’s ‘Roxy Roller Rink’ on 18th Street becomes known as one of the greatest hip hop clubs of all time under the management of Kool Lady Blue, providing a place where the downtown club crowds mix with local punk scene.

- Hip hop spreads its wings with US acts touring overseas. The “New York City Rap Tour” featuring Afrika Bambaataa, Rock Steady Crew, Phase 2, Double Dutch Girls, Grand Mixer DST, Infinity Rappers, Fab 5 Freddy, Ramellzee, Futura 2000 and Dondi travels to Europe showcasing New York’s hip hop movement in all its forms.

- European hip hop movie ‘Breakout’ is filmed and features The Electric Company, Electric Force, Crash Crew, Debbie D, Wanda D, Grand Mixer DST and The Infinity Rappers.

- Kool Moe Dee triumphs over Buzy Bee in what goes down in hsitory as one of the most famous MC battles of all time.

- Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force record the Electro Funk classic ‘Planet Rock’ borrowing liberally from experimental European electronica artists Kraftwerk.

- Grand Mixer DST wins the New Music Seminar DJ battle.

- The first overseas issue of Print Magazine features New York graffiti artist Lee on its front cover and a includes a spread containing the photographs of Henry Chalfant of Subway Art fame showcasing the art of Dondi, Duro, Shy 147, Daze, Zephyr and Haze.

- Rock Steady Crew performs at the famous ‘Studio 54’ night club for the famed artist ‘Antonio Lopez’.

- Rock Steady Crew’s Poppin Squad ‘The Electric Company’ battles Double Trouble’s ‘Electric Force’ at Club Negril.

- Rock Steady Crew splits into two groups. One half goes on to film the famous scenes in the Movie Flash Dance. The other half film scenes for a movie ‘Portfolio’ which is ultimately shelved.

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