2013 - Chris Read feat Phill Most Chill - Rap Tradition 7” Single

Released in September 2013, traditional rap from Classic Material’s Chris Read featuring Phildelphia Soulman Phill Most Chill on Breakin Bread records. Info from the Breakin’ Bread press release:

” ‘Rap Tradition’ is not only a title but a mission statement as guest vocalist Phill Most leads the fast-rap renaissance. Fondly recalling an era of innovation and the competitive spirit of the battle, the track is a lyrical ode the genre’s traditions. Sitting atop a pounding drum track which is equal parts crisp 2013 production and homage to the classic beat makers of the late ’80s, deft wordplay weaves in and out of punchy drums, horn stabs, hints of hammond and a captivating bass groove. With a nod to ’80s greats 45 King and Marley Marl, it’s a track which follows in the footsteps of those playfully keeping their tradition alive: NuMark, DJ Format, Cut Chemist et al.”

Listen to the A-Side here / B-Side here. Purchase here.

Classic Material