3rd Bass ‘Derelicts of Dialect’ 25th Anniversary

A couple of weeks late, here’s the lowdown on a Classic Material HQ favourite.

Release date: June 18th 1991
Label: Def Jam
Producers: 3rd Bass, Prince Paul, KMD, Sam Sever, SD50s (Stimulated Dummies)

Profile (courtesy of Wikipedia):

“Derelicts of Dialect is Queens-based emcees3rd Bass’ second LP (following its debut LP and an EP) and final studio album, released on Def Jam Recordings. The album is considered to be a critical success (explicitly not aimed toward a mainstream market), and gained publicity by featuring the surprise mainstream hit “Pop Goes the Weasel,” a diss track towards Vanilla Ice. The music video features former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins as Ice. X-Clan is dissed on songs such as “Herbalz In Your Mouth.”

The album is noted for its variety of styles (both musically and lyrically), and demonstrates influences ranging from De La Soul to A Tribe Called Quest (both members of the then-flourishing Native Tongues Movement). Several amusing anecdotes and skits on the album are influenced by De La Soul’s album 3 Feet High and Rising. The album was certified gold by the RIAA three months after its release.”

Additional info:

- The album comes in at #11 in Ego Trip’s Top 25 albums of 1991.

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