Above the Law - ‘Livin’ Like Hustlers’ 25th Anniversary

Today (22nd February 2015) marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Above the Law’s classic debut LP ‘Livin’ Like Hustlers’. Produced by Dr Dre and executive produced by Eazy-E, it’s not a record that received the same sort of mainstream notoriety as some other NWA affiliated releases, but it is still considered by many to be one of the better executed albums of the era / genre and is one of our personal favourites. ‘What Cha Can Prove’ (a single only remix of album track ‘Untouchable’) appears on our Classic Material 1990 mixtape. (Side note: the video for ‘Untouchable’ holds the dubious honour of probably being the first rap video to feature a speedboat chase and also features classic scenes such as Eazy-E being served a giant mobile phone on a silver platter.) Once again Youtube has delivered the goods with its recent catalogue uploading, making the full album available as an official Youtube playlist.

Listen to the full album on Youtube here.

[Purchase physical copies / Check release details on Discogs here]

Classic Material