Boogie Down Productions ‘Sex and Violence’ 25th Anniversary

Release date: 25th February 1992

Label: Jive
Producers: KRS-One, Pal Joey, Prince Paul, DJ Kenny Parker, D-Square

Profile (courtesy of Wikipedia):

“Sex and Violence is the fifth and final album released by hip hop group Boogie Down Productions. The next year, 1993, the group’s lead member, KRS-One, would begin recording under his own name. The track “Build And Destroy” deals with KRS-One’s ideological differences—as a self-proclaimed humanist—with X Clan and its brand of Afrocentrism. Previously, and on numerous occasions, the X-Clan had denounced any association with the concept, instead affirming its pro-Black stance. This, according to KRS-One’s younger brother and Boogie Down Production’s DJ Kenny Parker, was an insinuation that KRS was a “sell-out.” Both parties have since reconciled their differences and on X-Clan’s Return from Mecca album. KRS One has stated that the album has sold about 250,000 copies, half of what the previous BDP album (Edutainment) sold. KRS-One has stated that he believes this was due to an incident that year, in which BDP stormed the stage during a concert performance by alternative hip-hop duo PM Dawn, which was in retaliation for the latter’s published comments that questioned KRS-One being a self-proclaimed “teacher”.The album track “Say Gal” was written about the rape trial of professional boxer Mike Tyson.”

Additional info:

- The album comes in at #20 in Ego Trip’s Top 25 Rap Albums of 1992.
- Listen to samples used in the making of the album on WhoSampled.

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