Ice Cube ‘Kill at Will’ EP 25th Anniversary

This week (1st July 2015), marks the 25th Anniversary of Ice Cube’s ‘Kill at Will’ EP. A footnote of sorts to O’Shea Jackson’s incendiary debut LP ‘Amerikkka’s Most Wanted’ (and released just a few months later), standout cuts from this 7 track EP include an alternate version of Endangered Species featuring Public Enemy’s Chuck D, the sample heavy ‘Jackin 4 Beats’ and the reflective ‘Dead Homiez’. Largely following in the politically charged footsteps of ‘Amerikkka’s Most Wanted’, the EP’s not without a couple of low points, occasionally drifting into ‘shock value sells’ territory, as with much of the later NWA affiliated material but remains a solid mini album and important release of its time.

Stream the full album on Youtube here.

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