Ice T ‘Home Invasion’ 25th Anniversary

Release date: 23rd March 1993

Label: Rhyme Syndicate / Priority

Producers: Ice T, DJ Aladdin, Slej Tha Ruffedge, Hen-Gee, L.P, Donald D, Trekan, Wolf

Profile (courtesy of Wikipedia):

“Home Invasion is the fifth studio album by American rapper Ice-T. It was released on March 23, 1993 via Rhyme $yndicate/Priority Records. This album was originally set to be released in 1992 as part of his deal with Sire/Warner Bros. Records, and supposed to be Ice-T’s first official release as an artist on his own Rhyme $yndicate record label, now in full control of the content of the release, as part of a new distribution deal with Priority Records.

Home Invasion was the first album that Ice-T released following the controversy over the Body Count song “Cop Killer”. Sire/Warner Bros. Records had stood by freedom of expression during the controversy, although some within the Time Warner conglomerate now favored a more pragmatic policy. The album was originally set for a November 15, 1992 release, but the Rodney King riots were still fresh in people’s minds, an election was in process, and political releases by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre were causing controversy, so Ice-T agreed to postpone Home Invasion’s release, in addition to removing the song “Ricochet”, which had already appeared on the soundtrack to the film of the same name.

With the album’s release postponed to February 14, 1993, Sire/Warner Bros. told Ice-T that it would not release the album with its current artwork, painted by Dave Halili (cover artist for Body Count), which depicted a white youth who is seemingly immersed in black culture surrounded by images of violence, mayhem and disorder. Although the catalog number 45119 was already assigned to it and the single “Gotta Lotta Love” was released, the album was still deferred. Ice-T initially agreed, opting for an all-black cover and a name change to The Black Album. He later realized that his future output was going to be continuously monitored and censored, so he left the label amicably, signing a distribution deal with Priority Records, which released the album with the originally intended artwork. Due to the postponed release of the album, tracks were altered to keep the topics up-to-date.”

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