Isis ‘Rebel Soul’ 25th Anniversary

This weekend also marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of Isis’s debut LP ‘Rebel Soul’. A member of the Black Watch Movement (together with X-Clan, Proffesor X and associated artists), this is one of a handful of what are essentially X-Clan spin off albums released in the wake of the success of ‘To The East Blackwards’. It’s a solid listen that stands up to the quality of other X-Clan related LPs from the era and features Professor X’s trademark monologues throughout.

Sadly there’s no stream of the album currently available on Youtube, but we were pleased to find official streams for two tracks from the album to have received official videos, the title track ‘Rebel Soul’ and ‘The Power of Myself Is Moving’, the latter appearing on our Classic Material 1990 mixtape.

[Purchase physical copies / check release details on Discogs here]

Classic Material