Onyx ‘All We Got Iz Us’ 20th Anniversary

Also released on 24th October 1995 was Onyx’s sophomore LP ‘All We Got Iz Us’, the follow up to 1993’s explosive debut ‘Bacdafucup’. The angst and anger of the debut is still present, but without Jam Master Jay at the helm it suffers for the absence of JMJ’s jazz based production which gave the debut its distinctive sound. Stand out tracks include ‘Last Dayz’ (a track given a second lease of life thanks to its inclusion in the battle scene of the movie ‘8 Mile’) and ‘Shout’ (although Pete Rock’s remix of the track is far superior to the album version).

Although the album doesn’t make Ego Trip’s end of year list, ‘Last Dayz’ makes it to #15 on the Top 40 Rap Singles of the year.

There is currently no official stream for the album on Youtube, although a fairly reliable Youtube stream can be found here.

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