Positive K ‘The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills’ 25th Anniversary

Release date: 3rd November 1992

Label: Island / Polygram

Producers: Big Daddy Kane, Jazzy Jay, Silver D, L.G, Laz-E-Laz

Profile (courtesy of Wikipedia):

“‘The Skills Dat Pay da Bills’ was Positive K’s debut album, which was released November 3, 1992. With “I Got a Man” making waves on the radio, he was doing underground compilation appearances, guest spots on other hip-hop artists’ albums, and worked with emcee Big Daddy Kane on the single (“Nightshift”), which led to his album. Reviews painted the album as a fluke hit and it lacked perseverance on the album charts, resulting it being seen as a one-hit wonder. The album remains beloved among the underground hip-hop community. This album contains the first recorded instances of the phrase “drop it like it’s hot,” which appears in the songs “Ain’t No Crime” and “Minnie the Moocher.”

Additional info:

- The album comes in at #17 in Ego Trip’s Top 25 Rap Albums of 1992.

- The track ‘Flower That Grows In Brooklyn’ appears on our Classic Material 1992 Mixtape.

- The track ‘I Got A Man (Hip Hop Remix)’ appears on our 1992 Rap Megamix.

- Listen to samples used in the making of the album on WhoSampled.

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