Special Ed ‘Legal’ 25th Anniversary

Today (19th July 2015) marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of Special Ed’s sophomore LP ‘Legal’. Whilst the anthemic ‘Got It Made’ cast Ed’s 1989 debut ‘Youngest in Charge’ as a classic, most would agree that ‘Legal’ is a more solid album offering. Two singles from the LP, ‘Come On Let’s Move It’ and the James Bond inspired ‘The Mission’ were both relative successes, although neither achieved the level of recognition of ‘Got It Made’. Also featured is a remix of ‘I’m The Magnificent’, the original version having appeared on ‘Youngest In Charge’. With 10 tracks and a run time of under 40 minutes, it’s a brief and fast paced affair with the exception of ‘See It Ya’, a slightly out of place Dancehall cut which closes the album.

The album comes in at #17 in Ego Trip’s Top 25 Rap Albums of 1990. ‘Livin’ Like A Star’ from the album appears on our Classic Material Edition #4 Mixtape.

No official Youtube stream for the album currently exists, although you can find it on Youtube here.

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