Edition #15: 2001-2005

When we released Classic Material Edition #14 at the conclusion of our events series last year we said it would be the last in the series. It turns out we lied. With the release of our new t-shirt range in partnership with London sneaker boutique Foot Patrol and renowned street style photographer Normski fast approaching, we thought it would be a nice idea to bring back the mix series for one final Edition.

Edition #15 will bring things more or less up to date with a two part mix. Part 1, featured here, covers the years 2001 to 2005. Those of you who follow the mixes closely will realise that Part 1 is not an entirely new mix, but a reworking of parts of the much hyped Diary mixtape, released (it’s hard to believe) almost 5 years ago. Part 2 (an entirely new mix) will go on to cover the remaining years from 2006 onward.


Classic Material