The Diary Volume 2 ‘The Breaks of the 80s’

A little over 10 years ago Chris Read released a mixtape called ‘The Diary’, an ambitious mix of 801 iconic Hip Hop tracks in order of release from 1979 to 2009 in an 80 minute mix. It took literally years to put together and created enough buzz when it came out to set in motion a minor obsession with chronologically arranged mixes, the main result of which was the Classic Material mis series, a set of 16 mixes each containing music from a specific year in Hip Hop history (in date order of course) hosted right here on this site.

Volume Two, takes the concept a level deeper, this time reconstructing classics from Hip Hop’s first decade from their constituent sample material. Arranged chronologically of course, this mix reassembles popular Hip Hop tunes from 1979 to 1989 utilising only the Funk, Soul, Rock and Jazz tracks from which they were originally composed. Close to 200 tracks appear.

Original cover artwork by John Brotherhood in tribute to the late Buddy Esquire.


Classic Material